Incident of Girl being bullied at Lahore School

Incident at Lahore

The incident occurred on January 16 at the American international school Lahore, situated in the BB block of the Defence Housing authority.

LAHORE: A video of a girl being tortured to say sorry to her class fellows at Scarsdale private school in Lahore has gone viral on social media which prompted officials to initiate an investigation.

Incident of Girl being bullied at Lahore School

The incident was revealed after a video went viral. Teenagers girl beat classmate to apologize in viral video. Aliha Imran is the name of the victim and Kainat, Noor Jannat, and Ummama are the bullies. It is not specified in the given information why the girl’s classmates bully her. There could be many reasons why someone might bully another person. Aliha’s father Imran has filed a FIR. The FIR states that the girls stole Aliha’s gold chain and tortured her with a knife, and also tore up her clothes.. The Scarsdale School incident has updated information. The victim’s father Imran filed a FIR against the abusers, and the bullies were granted bail until January 30. Court grants bail to bullies with Rs 50,000 surety bonds till Jan 30, no police action allowed.

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